JK – Maschinenbau

Spechtstraße 83
45772 Marl
gps location: 51.677928,7.137715

phone no.: +49 2365207859
website: www.abfuellen-jk.com
email: j.kmiecikt-online.de


Company's description

JK-Machinenbau is a company with a long and rich history of providing enterprises all over the Europe with machines used for filling and moulding bottles, as well as labelling, capping and packaging. Their devices are used by a wide array of industries – from food, through cosmetics, up to chemicals, even the dangerous ones. Every product that comes out of their factory is carefully prepared to meet all the requirements of a chosen country. Moreover, the quality materials used during the manufacturing phase are responsible for the machines being solid and reliable.

Filling machines

Depending on the type of industry the devices are to be used in, they need to be adequately tested. For example, in case of food industry – the machines need to have certificates allowing their use with edible substances. Similar case is with dangerous chemicals and flammables – not only do the bottle filling machines need to be certified, but the area in which they are used has to be properly marked and secured. JK-Machinenbau cares about their customers, which is why its employees are willing to help in every situation – starting from documentation and ending on preparing individual designs of devices.

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