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MPack Poland Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.

Sobiekursk 26a
05-480 Karczew
gps location: 52.022904,21.281619

phone no.: +48 22 780 05 00


Company's description

MPACK is a high quality, solid plastic tube packaging manufacturer from Poland. Since 2005 they have been developing in providing the best products and now they are a well-known company that produces plastic tubes to various enterprises around Europe. Their qualified staff is professional, friendly and always willing to help, so if you have any suggestions, they will be happy to implement them. The products are always appropriately tested, so that they are solid and reliable. More specific information about the offer can be found on the official manufacturer website.

Tube packaging

MPack is a company which produces first-class cosmetic plastic tubes. On the website you can find, among other things, a very functional tube creator, making it possible to design unique packaging for your own product. The company accepts orders from companies located all across Europe. Thanks to their high-quality products, MPack has gained the trust of many brand-name manufacturers. If you need excellent tubes for your product, you should definitely contact MPack.

Complete offer: Cosmetic Plastic Tubes

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