Grains and seeds - production and wholesale

Kampol. PPHU

WieluĊ„ska 12A
97-438 Rusiec
gps location: 51.322587,18.978454

phone no.: +49 436 766 132


Company's description

PPHU Kampol is a family-owned company with a huge experience in producing grains and seeds for the food industry and farming. The material is carefully selected and comes from trusted suppliers to ensure its quality. The manufacturer then processes the seeds and grains - cleanses, grades and packs them into chosen containers. Because of that, they are able to last longer, without losing the majority of their valuable properties. More information on the type of products sold by the company can be found on their website.

Pigeon food manufacturer

The company is also known as a reliable pigeon food manufacturer. They offer many types of feed, to fulfil a client's every need and whim. Collecting and caring for birds requires people to buy various seeds and grains, depending on the breed, the age of the specimens or what they are tasked with. People who have only recency started, will be assisted by the employees of the company and will surely gain an adequate knowledge. This pigeon food manufacturer only uses premium materials for their mixes.

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