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phone no.: +48 48602102158
website: www.cdprintmasta.com
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Company's description

Are you looking for a reliable company, who is going to take care of manufacturing optical discs for a chosen purpose or occasion? Visit CDPrintmasta.com and learn about their services and their attractive prices. They specialise in DVD and CD replication and duplication, but they can also be responsible for the production of cassette tapes. To allow you a complete customisation of the order, the company prints out the packaging as well. You can decide on a jewel case, a cardboard box, a digipak and many more.

CD replication - A solution for bigger orders

If you are looking for a solution for a huge order of optical discs, your best choice might be DVD and CD replication. The process includes the production of a glass master, which is them moulded into a chosen number of products. This way, each manufactured item has the same qualities and is created with the data already encrypted on it. This process allows the company to offer an additional service of printing a selected artwork on top of the replicated disc. Get in touch with the company and order your CD line even today!

Complete offer: Vinyl Seeves Printing

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