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Mister Echappement is an online shop with a wide assortment of products, which consist of various car exhaust parts. The company brings the components straight from the best factories belonging to dependable and popular manufacturers. Their selection of parts includes only the quality ones to make sure each customer is satisfied with their order. They sell various catalytic converters, silencers and particulate filters. The shop assures that everyone will be able to find an adequate part within its offer.

FAP Volkswagen

A particulate filter (DPF or alternatively FAP) is a part of an exhaust system, which cannot be omitted. The European Union sanctioned a number of regulations concerning the amount of pollution produced by every vehicle and as of now each automobile has to have one installed. The problem became bigger once Diesel engines started appearing more in passenger cars. They were stronger, but the amount of the toxic substances released to the atmosphere rose significantly. Mister Echappement offers a variety of these elements - FAP Volkswagen, Skoda, Honda and many more.

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