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Ultimate Rubbish Clearance

Bromar Road 38A
SE5 8DL London
gps location: 51.465240,-0.080653

phone no.: +44 7886253972


Company's description

Ultimate Rubbish Clearance always works fair, hence they charge their clients for a particular amount of junk. If you have only a small amount of unnecessary clutter, you do not have to pay for the whole van. Therefore, their services may be as cheap as 35 GBP per load. They work carefully and try not to leave any dirty marks, as they want you to be fully content of the cooperation. If they are supposed to collect the junk from an open area (like a building site or a garden), you do not even have to be on site at that moment.


Whenever you need rubbish removal in Hounslow, for instance, you can just call or e-mail them to set an appropriate date. They will arrange an appointment in such a way so that it would fit your schedule. For safety reasons, their vehicles and drivers are fully insured, what covers your property as well. Ultimate Rubbish Clearance takes care of the environment and donate quality clothes, toys, etc. to charities and recycle the junk that is appropriate for that. Hounslow is a beautiful district with stunning parks, so it is certainly worth being taken care of.

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