Renovating and erecting buildings

Lybab AB

Förrådsvägen 4C
181 41 Lidingö
gps location: 59.3573417,18.1719672

phone no.: +46 0812132300


Company's description

Lybab AB is a reliable building construction, who employs a number of dependable plumbers, electricians, architects, craftsmen and more. Lidingö - both the city and the area are where they offer their services. They work not only on creating brand new buildings, but also on renovating older ones. Besides working with private investors, they also support various organisations and companies in the region. You can absolutely trust their expertise and experience, therefore you should definitely contact them if you are interested in a cooperation.

A talented craftsman from Lidingö

If you want to make sure you are employing only the best specialists, Lybab AB will definitely supply you with such people. Each craftsman working with the company from Lidingö is a highly skilled professional with many requiring projects completed throughout his career. They are able to create custom furniture for kitchen, bathroom and even the living room or bedroom. You yourself choose which part of the house they are going to be taking care of and personalising it according to your instructions.

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